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The couple often you visit my page, I ask pardon, this year has been a very interesting year as far as work is concerned.
So I had to leave parked my website. Besides this sometimes it gives me real headaches every time I do an update.
I've been working on several private projects which I can not teach anything, but if you want to see some of this. You can visit

I am satisfied with the work done here and I think you will enjoy too.
Besides numerous OC that you can see here, I'm working right now on a project that was years in mind.
It was thanks to Overfield and GRINDHOUSE and true fans of HAUNTING GROUND I could do this job which is a thorn long. They have supported this project, an erotic comic about 6 or eight pages. In which Fiona is a situation that could well be an alternative end of the game but with a much hotter content.

I hope to update my page more often from now, if time permits.
Thanks to all of you who read these lines, I hope you have a good day.


Before beginning the Christmas holidays. I want to make my Christmas ros.
To you my sites you visit frequently and that to come here by chance.

Thanks to customers who have trusted me work and those who have made some comment is dedicated to you being
new edition of Kamina Collection.

This is hopefully the first of a trilogy of comic on retro theme, or videogames would have loved my time during my childhood student or as in this case.
If there une series atop the pedestal of my favorite series is Ulises 31.

Here I leave a link

I've always wanted to make a hentai comic about Thais or Yumi. I enjoy a lot in the episode where Thais, Telemachus and Nono are locked by the god Cronos.
They were sentenced to advance the clock of life, this made in a few minutes would stop years, and young children grew. I loved seeing the vision of adult Thais. Then I decided that someday I would make a comic where she was an adult.

You can download it for free in the download section.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

I wish you happy holidays to all.


Hello   Friends .
Long time   since I wrote   in this section   now, I have   been busy   working   for clients , so  I   am very happy.  
I've   been working on new   sections to   my page .
Now,   you   can   download for free   some of my  
COMICS   in   the   DOWNLOAD   section.  
You also have   at your   disposal   some   WALLPAPERS   I designed .  For now   there is only   a specific size .

SALE:   think I 'm still having problems  with some   customer orders .  If   you've   bought a   comic   and this   happens to me , I'll contact you  as soon as possible .


Hello everyone.  

I open   a new section on   the   project I 'm working  in a proper way .
I regularly   go up   images of how   this project   progresses .  Many have asked   me , what's  the   plot of the story , well,  I have finally   clarified   the ideas   and have been working   on the first   argument to   this story.   Alif ,  and   Flack   were my   advisors   on this,   they have read   books and   have   given approval .

The argument .

Teysa in Obzedat convened by the ghostly council , they are the highest point in the hierarchy Orzhov . They accuse Teysa a previous failure , negotiations with other clan has failed and the total control of Ravnica away from them . Teysa defends himself by saying that she is not to blame , but the ghosts do not accept excuses .

Obzedat Teysa give another chance to this new deal , a clergyman of high standing has to be perfect . In case you do not Teysa good job (she is the representative of the council of others ) will be consequences ....
Teysa leave the meeting very upset , she believes the council is in the past and are not open to progress.

Teysa meditate on this in the library , for her, this is your sanctuary where you can retreat from the dealings and conspiracies of his clan.
The door opens , with the cleric was quoted in the large meeting room , was brought into the library. Teysa surprised, attends the cleric .

She tries to be accurate in the negotiations, but the cleric is a depraved and will not accept a formal agreement, Teysa is blackmailed by the cleric , he wants what she has between her legs , or do not open right. Teysa struggles and attempts to flee but his lameness prevented from reaching further from the door. Teysa is forced by the cleric . This admits that this violation of failure that she had previously owed. And this is the way for the council to punish and put it in its rightful place .

Teysa reaches the letter opener and stabs this leg of the clergy, it falls flat on the ground , tries to crawl towards the door but now Teysa can achieve this even with his limp , she turns the cleric , she sits on his hips and begins to stab the cleric . Teysa tainted and even covered by the blood of the clergy, meditates on the last card to play against the council to destroy them forever.

I've been talking to some people, and apparently the payment system only comics can be read in Spanish. I talked to the designer and told me that this handler only works in sales Spanish, and has not yet found the key to change the language, but he is working on this.
I hope this can be resolved soon. Meanwhile, those who know Spanish can go to my blog, there are no instructions from the traditional system of requests for copies of comics.

thousand pardons, I wish I could fix this now.

Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!
After much work and months of delay, finally I have my own website. I will try to post all my work on this site (including those i dont feel very proud) plus work has seen the human eye. XD
Soon, my area habilitare Forum where you can write your impressions and what you want.

I hope you enjoy my paintings in my new site completely free and uncensored!!!!

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